Windows 10 Activator Free Download (Key + Tools) [2020]

Yes, You are on the right page, and in the next few minutes, you can activate your operating system by following below steps. Believe me windows 10 activator 2020 will make your operating system active into minutes and you will start receiving window updates. So let’s start to get premium benefits free of cost.

  • Free of cost
  • Easy to use
  • Able to receive updates
  • No any advertisement
  • No need any key
  • Some antivirus detected as virus

First of all, go to KMSpico, which is bug-free and with no virus, So don’t worry its 100% trusted and tested tool by our technical staff even you will receive system updates or updated new version of windows which may protect and update your machine. So before installing it make sure your firewall setting is turned off.

windows 10 activator

KMSPico is the same tool people are using to activate their windows. There are a lot of tools available in the market claiming as the best tool but there are some reasons we recommended KMSpico.

One of the major reasons is its worldwide use and the other is it helps to activate Microsoft products at the same time. So if you’re looking for the best windows 10 activator on the internet you will find this tool best of all.

Why one should choose KMSPico Windows 10 Activator

windows 10 activator

Microsoft Windows comes with a 1-month trial and most of the people found it difficult and problematic after installing a complete setup and spend a lot of time. So this fact disheartens people,

Microsoft is the #1 operating system and no one can survive without it so windows 10 activator helps you on time when you become disheartened. So we can say KMSpico is the best solution to solve this problem. Therefore, we can say it a solution machine!


  • Once you get done with this machine and able to use your activated windows and all other products such as office and many other options and get the genuine lenience holder from Microsoft even now you can update your window a hundred times.
  • Remember! you only have to do the activation process for once and after that, you can enjoy this amazing feature for a lifetime.


Who Developed KMSPico

It is developed by Team Daz from the United States of America who is a renowned hacker’s team and ranked as no 1 windows 10 activator in the market. The team developed a lot of activators such as Windows 7 Loader, KMSAuto, Net & RemoveWAT. They are contributing their services/work in the field of technology and people around the world are enjoying their developments.

Download KMSPico Windows 10 Activator

We have set a great system to download windows 10 activator by one click and of course, it’s ads free. By clicking the below button you can simply download 100% safe and free windows 10 activator which is set with a direct link, no third party is involved.

  • NOTE: AFter download KMSPico it will ask you to extract it. So, Use KMSPICO PASSWORD as 12345 and it will allow you to extract it.

Activate Windows 10 Using KMSPico

Okay, all set. Now you have to install KMSPico and you will be guided how you can use windows 10 activator and active your windows and all office products such as words, excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Once again before proceeding you should make sure that you read all the above information. Otherwise, You will feel a bit unsafe while you will follow the steps mentioned below.

 Here are a few steps you need to follow before proceeding.

  • 1: You need to disable/turn off your antivirus, firewall, windows defender.  As already mentioned that some of the antivirus companies consider it spam and blacklisted.

So try to follow the below steps carefully before start the process to disable windows defender.

NOTE: See the above photo and go to the start menu and find the windows defender setting. After that, you should follow step #2 and #3



  • 2: Now you have to extract the folder you download and find a new folder into.

  • 3: Now open that folder and you will see/find the file that called “KMSPico.exe” Use right-click on it and run it as “run it as administrator”

  • 4: It will start the installation and wait until complete the process.



  • 5: Once the installation will be complete, You need to open the KMSPico program. Simply GO to start menu and you will find KMSPico which is great windows 10 activator just click on it and launch it.



  • 6: After opening it you will listen to a sound like a charm but don’t need to worry. Just click on the RED button and you are 3 seconds away to activate your windows. Click on it and your windows will be activated into few seconds.



  • 7: After that, your computer will be restart. After that just RIGHT CLICK ON MY COMPUTER and go to PROPERTIES. Scroll down and you will find the status of your windows turn into “activated”



Now you have to activate Microsoft Office. Check How To Activate Microsoft Office and follow the instructions.

So, here you will find the procedure of how you can activate your Microsoft products. To do so you have to follow the below steps one by one carefully.

  • We recommend you once again restart your machine to fully finish the windows 10 activator process.
  • After restarting your machine your window is activated. But keep in mind windows defender and antivirus are turned on so you need to turn them off once again.
  • Well, will activate each Microsoft product one by one. So just open MS Word or Excel, Once it opens you need to open KMSPico once again from your start menu.
  • Here you will suddenly notice the Office logo for a few seconds which is indicating your product is successfully detected by the activator.
  • Now once again click on the red button and wait for a few seconds.
  • After a few seconds, you will listen to an auto sound called “Affirmative” and then “Program Complete”

Finally, you have successfully completed the activation process of your Microsoft product. After that you need to restart your computer and when you will open your product go to Account option located left side below and you will find account information. Repeat these steps to activate other products.